Starter plants are $4 each or $10 for 3.

All plants are started from seed using organic growing methods

Ajvarski-Two-foot, stocky plants are covered in 6- to 7-inch, broadly wedge-shaped pods that ripen green to deep, rich red. These peppers are incredibly fragrant and tasty.  Outstanding roasting pepper.

Big Bertha-This giant-fruited bell bears great yields on medium-tall plants. Massive, 7-inch-long glossy green bells, thick-walled, firm, and utterly delicious raw or cooked.

Caberallo (poblano)- Huge yields of large, glossy, uniform, deliciously mild peppers, rely on this trusted favorite! It turns from bright green to red on the plant and as it ripens, it increases in richness of flavor, nutrition, and heat. A relatively mild pepper with 1000 to 2000 scoville units.

California Wonder-The standard green bell pepper. A nice size with very good yield; a popular old-time variety.

Canary Bell-Superior sweet pepper, medium-sized, thick-walled green fruits ripening to bright yellow color. Sets early and produces all summer.  Exceptional flavor, very productive two-foot plants. Resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

Chocolate Beauty-Blocky, medium to large, green, 3-4 lobed fruits ripen to a rich chocolate-brown. The green fruits are good, but they are spectacular when fully ripe--crisp, juicy, and very sweet!

Etuida- Blocky, thick-walled orange fruits are crisp, very sweet and juicy. These mandarin-orange bells can reach up to a half-pound in weight, and are lavishly produced on tall plants.

Habanada-Heatless Habanero. This exceptional snacking pepper has all of the fruity and floral notes of the habenero without any spice (even the seeds are sweet and add to the flavor).

Ozark Giant-This variety produces huge, long bell peppers that have delicious, thick flesh. They start out green and turn bright red. Very productive plants and great flavor.

Shishito Pepper-A favorite old Japanese variety which produces 3” long, slightly wrinkled fruits. Fruit is emerald green in color, ripening to red, and mildly flavored with just a bit of spice. It really is superb and is the standard with many chefs.

Whopper Jalapeno-A highly productive, easy to grow, absolutely delicious jalapeno that stands up to just about any disease Mother Nature can throw its way. These peppers pack 2100 to 2500 Scovilles of heat!

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